Siamese are ready with the brand new LP “Super Human” after their succesfull musical bastard “Shameless” which flawlessly mixed R’n’B and metalcore and was widely acclaimed by the press. The album made the band known outside the borders of Denmark, reaching more than 8 million streams and having sold out shows in Japan, UK and Germany. 

With Super Human the band is picking up where they left us in 2017 with their blockbuster songs showcasing their trademark choruses, no nonsense compositions, and the cheekiness to make it any elitists guilty pleasure. If you we’re a fan of the Shameless album, and the Siamese univers in general, you will not feel let down, but do expect to bang your head a bit harder than you are used to. The new stuff is heavier. 

Guitarist and songwriter Andreas Kruger explains:

“ I’m not ashamed to say that a lot of the pop and R’n’B music that was huge between 1998-2005 was the main inspiration on the Super Human album. It’s a interesting mix of influences that drove us to write these songs. We had a desire to explore a more heavy sound, while following a classic Max Martin vocal construction. I hope the result speaks volumes” 

When it comes to the themes and lyrical concepts of Super Human, it is actually quite different from the “Shameless” album. 

“I remember when doing our last album it was all about being the cheeky band that wanted to provoke. On Super Human the core is reaching to some form of realization of ones potentials and limitations. Weaknesses and strengths. Realizing that you are normal, and that’s fair.” Vocalist, Mirza Radonjica-Bang.

SIAMESE new LP is self-produced as always, and mastered by Chris Kreutzfeldt (Cabal, MØL, Ghost Iris). The band will be touring actively during summer including festival appearances at Rock Fest, Euroblast Festival and many more.