die norwegischen Hardrocker CHROME DIVISION kommen ein letztes Mal mit einem neuen Album „One Last Ride“ (VÖ: 16.11.18 / Nuclear Blast) auf Tour. Für das Abschiedsalbum im  15. Jubiläumsjahr der Band um Dimmu Borgirs Shagrath haben CHROME DIVISION sich wieder mit Sänger Eddie Guz (The Carburetors) zusammengetan, der auch auf der Tour am Mikro stehen wird.

08.02.19 NO – Oslo / John Dee
09.02.19 DE – Hamburg / Headcrash
10.02.19 DE – Osnabrück / Bastard Club
11.02.19 DE – München / Backstage Club
12.02.19 CH – St-Maurice / Manoir
13.02.19 DE – Mannheim / MS Connexion Complex
14.02.19 NL – Eindhoven / Dynamo
15.02.19 DE — Düsseldorf / Pitcher
16.02.19 DE — Oldenburg / Cadillac
17.02.19 DK — Copenhagen / Beta

For one last time, infernal hard rockers CHROME DIVISIONwill let their engines roar. After 5 full length albums and the band celebrating their 15thanniversary in 2018, the Norwegians led by DIMMU BORGIR’s Shagrathhave decided to lay the band to rest after »One Last Ride«– but not without a massive bang that will once again make the earth shake! Four years after »Infernal Rock Eternal«, CHROME DIVISIONbrewed a new masterpiece crackling with metallic energy and spinning wheels, ready to be unleashed on November 16th.

„We get together every Tuesday at 6 o’clock, it‘s a tradition”, Shagrath explains the songwriting process.“We jam in the rehearsal room and I usually just put up my recorder and see what comes out of it. After quite a long time we ended up with a bunch of riffs and material for songs – we had about 2,5 hours of music! And although we’re all quite busy with our other projects, Mister Damage and I started to slowly put together some structured songs. CHROME DIVISION’s music is about living in the moment and being spontaneous and we don’t think too much about our songs – if we like them, we use them!”

Their spontaneity was also challenged when the band once again had to swap their lead singers, but after the departure of their latest singer Shady Blue, the band decided complete their ‚circle of life‘, and invited Eddie Guz– the band’s original singer who left in 2009 – back to sing on their final record just like he did on their first two.

We had this collection of songs for quite a long period of time, but Shady Blue, our previous singer, decided to part ways and for a time we weren’t sure what to do – should we continue or not? Eddie was very eager to get back and he started to write lyrics for the new album. And the concept of the album is about burying the project after 5 records.”