Vollgas ahoi! Die schwedischen Death´n`Roller  Jesus Chrüsler Supercar veröffentlichen ihr neues Video „Let it Roll“. Der Titel ist auch der erste Track auf ihrem aktuellen Album 35 Supersonic. Die Band beschreibt den Song und das Video: “Let It Roll” is a story about three guys sitting in a car (Chrysler) who travel quickly through the desert. The stereo’s playing Slayer, the pockets are full of sand and it’s a long way to the horizon. The song is also a parable of JESUS CHRÜSLER SUPERCAR’s way forward. We started out with no money, we knew it was a long way to go. But we believed in what we were doing. Although there is a lot of blood, sweat and tears, then just let it roll! The video a simple, straight forward, high octane Rock ’n‘ Roll video in two different settings. Our aim is to make it feel nitty and gritty but at the same time having a bit of fun about it. The keywords for this video are: dirt, sweat and semi-controlled chaos. Hope you guys will Death ’n‘ Roll with us and having a fucking great time.“