DEVILSKIN neue Single „Pray“

Mit Pray veröffentlichen wir heute die erste Singleauskopplung aus dem neuen Devilskin Album Be Like The River (VÖ: 11.11.). Die Band beschreibt die erste Single als „killer track with a punchy, combative riff and a deep message about friendship, betrayal and hope.“ Und weiter: „Pray is a step ahead of our previous singles in that it has a depth to the music and lyrics that we haven’t touched on before. The riff is complex, modern and urgent while Jennies vocal delivery is honest and poignant. Nic came up with the main riff for this track and we all felt it was pretty special from the first listen. The lyrics reflect on a person feeling less than perfect and desperately seeking solace and asking for help.“

Pray gibt es überall als Streaming oder Download, z.B. hier: Amazon, iTunes