Born and raised in NYC – this singer/songwriter/actor/inventor is a popular Manhattan artist whose fans await her latest creation. Published by EMI as a songwriter, signed to Rodeostar as a singer and to Innovative Artists as an actor, this multifaceted talent also holds two patents as an Inventor. Loralye’s newest CD release has her audience captivated. Commonly referred to as a female version of heavy hitters Coldplay, Loralye’s gripping soft side commands equal respect in being compared to Norah Jones. Having released three previous CDs alongside world renowned band mates, Loralye returns to her roots as a solo artist to release her new album.

Loralye began playing instruments at the age of 4, and started modeling and acting as a teen. She briefly moved to Los Angeles where she was quickly pocketed by ICM and landed a co-starring role on the hit ABC sitcom, On Our Own. After being offered a publishing deal for her songwriting skills by EMI, Loralye returned to her native New York City, where she went on to sign with Innovative Artists and book dozens of personality jobs including films, national and international television commercials, voice-overs, plus hosting shows for ESPN and MTV. Her voice and face can be seen daily on American and European television and her songs have been heard in major motion pictures and select radio markets across the U.S.

During her time in front of the camera and at the recording studios, Loralye had an idea for a market-ready commercial product and she obtained major funding to see this idea through. Her vision and many years of hard work has proven prosperous and her patented product, which ultimately became two patented products, hits the market in 2012 (for legal purposes, these products can not yet be revealed until they are released to the public).

Usually one understands a triple threat to be a singer/actor/dancer, but also being an inventor is unique to Loralye, making her a quadruple threat. She is the „thinking man’s“ artist and is adored by those who love a good challenge. When asked what her inventions had to do with music or acting Loralye replied, „Everything and nothing! It is solely about being creative. My favorite thing about being an artist is to have an idea, whether it be a song idea, a character I’m playing, or my product inventions, and seeing each idea through from start to finish. The most rewarding part of the creative process is the process itself; and once that process is complete, if it affects someone else in a positive way, then I am beyond blessed, abundant and doing exactly what it is I am meant to do.“

About Loralye’s CD release, „The Many Sides of Love“

This debut solo album conveys how love shows itself with many different faces: happy, sad, bliss, torment, obsession, pain, sex, infatuation, triumph, unrequited, commitment… Loralye captures many of these faces of love within the moments of each song. „Although Love is vast and ultimately indescribable, in collaborating on this record (with Allan Fox, Joe Quigley, Wes Little, Dave Fields) we scratched the surface of its complicated world in conveying the different emotions brought on by it. The best and worst part about making the record was living and experience all of it, joy, sorrow, frustration, all of it.“

During multiple photo shoot sessions with photographers Ray (Red Rayven) Strassburger and Rhonda Napolean (Beyond Fantasy Magazine), photographer Napolean saw further into the vision of Loralye. Inspired by the music and by Loralye, Napolean suggested the idea of photographing „The Many Faces of Loralye“. This unique idea was then completed to compliment the „Many Sides of Love“ and hence introduce the ever changing spirits of life and love.