Al & the Black Cats

Starting in 2006. Al & the Black Cats formed and immediately began to treat the band as a way of life and nothing less. Within there first 4 months this group of teenagers borrowed & lied there way into enough money to recorded an album & fly halfway across the world with only 3 shows booked! In the years since the band has grown and grown. Relentlessly touring both America and Europe ever since, and having the pleasure of sharing both concert & festival stages with the likes of The Bones, The Adicts, Batmobile, The Toasters, and Many Many More. Now, a mere 4 years later they’ve survived countless tours, hundreds of shows, lawsuits, line-up changes & appear to be stronger then ever. with there 4 studio album about to be released Globally, and tours being planned in Europe, America, Canada, Japan & Australia along side headline acts like The Exploited, The Adicts, Anti-Nowhere League & more. it seems there’s nothing that can stop this group of dedicated Rock & Rollers from achieving what ever the fuck they want to.